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Did you know that one of the most toxic products in many households is dishwasher powder. Most dishwasher powders have a caustic base which if swallowed can melt your esophagus, causing permanent damage and even result in death. How scary to think of what would happen to your child/grandchild if they happened to gain access to your dishwashing powder.

The Tri Nature dishwasher powder has no caustics or chlorinating compounds, providing the peace of mind if your child was to accidentally eat or inhale some they will be okay. And the great news it works to clean your dishes just as well as other products if not better and has won best Eco friendly product award to prove it. It doesn’t leave any residue on your dishes. 

Being a mum of two young girls. The choice is easy for me - Tri Nature all the way.

This month we have everything you need to make your dishes shine in our Swish Dish Pack which includes a 2kg dishwashing powder, 1 Litre Camomile dishwashing liquid and a 500ml Citrus rinse aid/Buying this pack rewards you with a 10% discount. Purchase your discounted Swish Dish pack here: https://embraceeco.com.au/collections/this-months-specials/products/swish-dish-pack

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